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Five reasons why you need a Will

1. If something happens to you, and you don’t have a will, the state decides who gets everything. Can you afford to take that chance?

2. If you have minor children, and something happens to both parents, the state makes all decisions as to custody of the children, and your wishes are not considered.

3. You have worked hard your whole life. You should be in control, and decide how your legacy is passed on.

4. You know best what your family needs. With a will, you determine who will receive which resources.

5. Peace of mind for your family. Too often, when someone dies without a will, family members end up in court fighting over what’s left. With a quality will, your desires are respected, and family quarrels are minimized.

Check out our other crucial services for your protection:

1. Advanced Medical Directive (Living Will): Although no one likes to plan for such things, should you ever become incapacitated and unable to make medical decisions for yourself, it will be CRITICAL that your family already knows what your wishes are.

With a quality Medical Directive, your family will be able to follow your wishes, sparing them from having to make terribly difficult and perhaps divisive decisions, perhaps with no idea of your desires.

We can design a clear Medical Directive so your family and doctors will know exactly what to do if you can’t tell them.

2. Power of Attorney: The consequences can be severe. If you have a family bank account in your name only, and you were to become incapacitated, the bank might not release the money even to your spouse without your signature. If you are the sole owner of your home, your spouse might not have authority to sell it to pay medical expenses for you, without your signature. Don’t take the chance that your family might not be able to use your own funds to care for you.

A “Power of Attorney” form lets you designate someone with legal authority to act on your behalf to manage your affairs if you cannot.

3. Trusts: Integrity Law can protect your family’s assets through a Trust.

Estate Planning Package:

We offer an “Estate Planning Package” for your protection. We can provide a Will, Advanced Medical Directive, and a Power of Attorney.

Mirror Will Package:

For a further discount, we offer our “Mirror Will Package,” with a Will, Advanced Medical Directive and Power of Attorney for both husband and wife, at a reduced cost.

Rick Boyer has years of experience protecting folks’ peace of mind and their families’ futures. Families across Central Virginia have been protected and their futures provided for, with a quality will provided by Integrity Law Firm.

Did you know?

  • If you divorce without changing your will, your ex-spouse may still be the beneficiary
  • If you are a remarried widower, and haven’t updated your will, your current spouse may not receive anything under the will
  • For a will to be valid in Virginia, it must be signed by you and at least two witnesses
  • The witnesses to the will may not be blood relatives or beneficiaries under the will
  • The witnesses must sign in the physical presence of you AND each other
  • If a will is torn or defaced, it will likely be found invalid
  • If you have an old will and an updated will, make sure to destroy the old one or include language in the new one that “revokes any previous will of mine.”

Get peace of mind. Don’t risk your family’s future! Don’t let strangers and bureaucrats decide what happens to your life’s work. Protect those you love! Contact Integrity Law today for a free consultation.